Biz Evde Yokuz

Re-branding, branding workshop, logo design


About the Project

Biz Evde Yokuz is an adventure blog run by two travellers who are kind enough to share all their knowledge with other travel enthusiasts in Turkey.

They decided to share this value out with the whole world.


Project Goal

The new worldwide platform was going be called "nomaddiction" and it needed an identity. An identity that would still reflect the existing blog's logo and the feel.

The Turkish blog’s logo also needed a redesign, The problem was to find a good logo solution that would work for both blogs perfectly.

Re-branding Workshop

We suggested a core workshop to redefine the brand and its culture, voice, value, audience and benefits to those audiences. After organising our thoughts and determining our goals with the help of this workshop, it was time to get abstract ideas to concrete solutions.

The Turkish blog’s logo also needed a redesign, The problem was to find a good logo solution that would work for both blogs perfectly.



The next step in the process was to go through every single word we underlined, we read hundreds of comments on their social media accounts and came up with 3 mood-boards.


The "Aha!" Moment

Blue and pink marks, just like the ones on trekking routes, represent the idea of guiding travel enthusiast. Frame outside the marks, greets the old "Biz Evde Yokuz" logo shape and has a great potential for brand’s signature image on social media.  


It’s rarely “THE ONE” when you look at a logo for the first time.
Picking the right alternative needs some time and collaboration.


A Word From the Client

Our brief was extremely complicated and honestly, I was not sure it was even possible to attain that in a logo. What we thought would be a simple logo process became a very deep look at our brand. First, they helped us redefine who we are thought some workshops which allowed us to find a unanimous voice. Even then we didn't think all we are could be represented in an elegant, clean logo. But they did! We were so happy with both the process and the outcome. We will definitely go back to Elp Studio anytime we need a visual problem solved. Highly recommended!

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