Design Sprint

A design sprint is typically a one-week ‘boot camp’ that helps you answer critical business questions through a process that includes design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

Ticking all the important boxes of business strategy, innovation, behaviour science, design thinking and more, your team will emerge more focused and ready to roll.

Why invest time on a
Design Sprint?

Two reasons:


You invest in one productive week instead of wasting months of precious time.


Your sprint will act as a design ‘boot camp’ to give you the forward momentum you need.

Because, you don’t have to do EVERYTHING!
Think of a design sprint as a shortcut through the frustrating debate cycle and a way of compressing brainstorming sessions, that would normally happen over months, into a single week.
At the end of the week, you’ll get the clarity of real data from a realistic prototype instead of waiting to launch to test your idea.

Months of work into a few days.

Put simply, a design sprint is a time machine that lets you leap into the future and check your product’s reception before you commit to it financially.

Sprints are adaptable

Sprints can help you enter new markets, design new products, develop new features, design new packaging and much more.

You will not be the first one. Companies like: Nest, Medium, Adidas, AXA, United Nations, Zalando and Lufthansa depend on design sprints when launching new products. If it works for them, why not give it a try?
Don’t overwhelm yourself with extra work and invest months of time. Let the experts do what they do best and enjoy the fast movement.

So, what happens?

It’s a 4-day intensive workshop. It can be done remotely, via a simple online tools like miro.



We work with you in person to define the challenges and scope of the sprint.



Together we decide which challenges to prototype.



We build a high-fidelity prototype.



We test the prototype with real users.
Longer hours don't equal better results. By getting the right people together, structuring the activities, and eliminating distraction, we've found that it's possible to make rapid progress while working a reasonable schedule.
- Jake Knapp, Sprint book

Win business
by design

Ready to go forward?